Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend in LaPine

My friend Kathy buys a three night stay at a vacation home in LaPine every year at an auction.  It has a pool, a theater room, 5 bedrooms, pool table, shuffle board and in it's backyard is the little Deschutes.  We went over on Friday, the boys and I left home and picked up Jeff from work on our way over the mountains.  Lachlan loved the idea of going over the mountains.  He has been asking to go "snowing" every time we put on his stocking cap to go outside so I was also hoping to see a little snow.
The drive was a little stressful when Peter decided he did not want to be in the car seat anymore.  He screamed and screamed.  I kept hoping he would fall asleep but he didn't.  Lachlan was asleep and somehow slept through all this, however, I had promised him if he fell asleep I would wake him up when we got to the mountain.  As we started climbing there was snow on the side of the roads, I had to keep my promise and I needed a break from Peter's crying.  So we made a pit stop at a snow park area.   Peter's pants were soaked from spilling juice so we had to change him but he was too excited to get in the snow to wait for me to tuck in the pockets on his sweat pants.
Pretty cool outfit don't you think.

Lachlan found some footprints in the snow.  What could they be?  I think they are Lachlan tracks, but we don't have to tell him that.
Even though the drive over was a bit stressful the rest of the weekend was a blast.  We swam every day in the pool.  Lachlan swam at least 2 times a day or more.  My normally very cautious boy tried some new things this weekend.  He was so brave.  He swam with water wings and a noodle all by himself. This is a big step for him.  He actually let go and used his own little legs to get around.  He also walked across a log bridge that lays across a marshy area when walking down to the river.  This would normally be something he would be too afraid to do.  So proud of him.  Lastly he slept on the top bunk of the bunk beds for the first time. What a great memory, only problem, now he wants a bunk bed at home.
We of course spent some time in the theater room.  We put all that sound equipment to good use by watching a lot of Go Diego Go. We did get to watch the Beaver vs. Huskies game on the big screen as well, I just wish there was a better ending.
Grandpa Dean brought pumpkins over.  He helped carve a pumpkin for each of the boys.
What are you doing over there Grant?
Lachlan and Jeff went for a walk down to the river on Saturday.  Peter was ready for a nap so we didn't go. On Sunday I asked Lachlan to show me the river (because all he wanted to do was get in the pool).  
This was the face I was instructed to make when I saw the river for the first time (you can also see the log bridge he walked across here).
 Jax came with us too!  He only enjoyed it a little.
This is the river Mom.
Kathy's husband Troy on the far right, Lachlan, Grant (Kathy's son) Peter and Jeff.  I personally think we picked out some pretty great guys and were blessed with some fantastic little men. 
My boys and I.  Love this picture.  Thanks Jeff for being willing to take the camera every once in a while.
We had a great weekend.  Thanks Kathy!


  1. Super fun! I like that you go every year. It will be fun to see picts year after year. And soon there will be four boys! I can only imagine the adventures.

  2. I hope we can go some year, looks amazing! All those things would be big steps for Tuesday too, way to go Lachlan!