Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Traceable Fonts at

This morning I realized I needed to update my blog's watermark for my photos because I bought my domain and no longer have to include the  I searched through my fonts and found one I loved.  You can see it on the photo I tested it out on below.
While working on this I was reminded of the website Dafont.  They have thousands of free fonts for you to choose from and download.  I had to do some YouTube searches to figure out how to get those fonts into my Word program, but I was able to pull it off.

Of course, fonts for photos are great but what I discovered was that they also had fonts for teaching.  They have dotted fonts that you can type, print and then have your student trace for writing practice. We wrote our first letters to Santa this way.  I had my son's dictate to me what they would like to say, I typed it out and printed it, they traced it. 

This one is called KG Primary Dots Lined Alt.  It comes in a set with all of the other KG Primary fonts.  But this one in particular caught my eye because it has the same lines as our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  The other fonts in this set have the more traditional 3 lines with the dashed line going down the middle.
When I first discovered these fonts I printed off a practice sheet with their name on it and laminated it so they could write and re-write their name with a dry erase marker.

Both of my boys are pretty good at writing at this point and don't necessarily need tracing practice.  But then I thought about cursive.  They haven't learned cursive quite yet but they are both curious about it.  The first cursive font I found was this one called ColeCarreira1.  I started typing it in Word and when I capitalized their name I was disappointed to find out that it did not have cursive capitals.  If I found the designer I could probably buy a more complete version of the font that would include capital letters in cursive.
The last font I found as I was searching today is not a dotted font for tracing but it looks like it is a complete cursive font.  This one could be good for finger tracing or for my son's to look at while they try to write it on their own.  It is called School Script Dashed.

Good luck!  And have fun!

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  1. Thanks for the font ideas! I was looking for this. :)