Monday, December 24, 2012

They Sat on Santa's Lap!

As Christians the true meaning of Christmas is of course not Santa.  But, Santa is still a part of our traditions.  Lachlan has not been willing to sit on Santa's lap until this year.  We went to the Magic at the Mill last night and Santa was there!  Lachlan insisted on waiting in line to see him and of course anything brother does, Peter will do.
My amazing sister saved the day for us because I didn't pack my camera, I didn't have anything with a flash just my iPod and phone.  Thank you Sis!
At the beginning of December we went to a model railroad club open house.  They had a table full of the bodies of model trains.  Lachlan really really wanted one and it turns out they were only a dollar.  As soon as we got home he realized his new train didn't have wheels.  He kept on asking and asking and asking to get wheels on his train.  So we told him to write a note to Santa so that Santa's elves would come and pick it up and put wheels on it at his workshop and then bring it back Christmas morning. So when he got an opportunity to talk to Santa he of course took advantage and asked him to put wheels on his train.  This is what he is asking Santa in the above photo.  Santa's response "okay, I like that."  With a little grin as he looked my way. 
They do a great job at The Magic at the Mill.  The Santa was really traditional and had a real beard.  They had two elves working with Santa.  One at the front of the line and one in with Santa.  The one at the front of the line asked the kids names, which I didn't think anything of at the time.  That is until Santa greeted my boys by name as soon as we entered his little house.  Pretty wonderful. 
So glad we had this little Christmas fun and got to see some of my family at least for a little bit while at the Mill.  Today, Christmas Eve, we are missing the Colton Family Christmas because on our ride home from the Mill Lachlan got sick and continued to be sick through the night into early morning.  As soon as Lachlan started feeling better it was Jeff's turn.  I am beyond disappointed and spent most of the morning in tears.  But I am trying to find the positive, not being very successful at finding the positive at the moment, but I will keep trying.
He got the wheels on his train he asked for.  He is still a little under the weather so he crashed soon after opening all the presents.  But where ever he went the train came too.

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  1. That's so sweet. I told Tuesday I would sit with her and Santa but she said no. She told Chloe her and Santa were not friends. Chloe told her that Santa brought you whatever you wanted, but Tuesday replied that her parents would get her presents; true, true. I was on the fence about Santa anyway. I do wish we had a few more traditions, we're still working on them. I'm so sorry the kids are sick again. I really hope you don't get it. At least the kids are so young, they probably won't remember anything but the good. Lets plan a girls night out soon!