Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Rings

Many of you are buying or cutting down Christmas trees for your home this time of year.  In the Fireflies curriculum by Funshine Express we have been talking about trees.  They had the idea of talking about tree rings and how each ring represents 1 year of growth by the tree.  I have always known this but didn't think about it correlating to every tree, including our Christmas tree.
For the tree to survive the month indoors it has to be able to get the water it needs.  So it is always wise to cut off just a little before placing it in the water.  Just like trimming your flowers before putting them in the vase.  This year I had Jeff cut off 2 little slices so each of the boys could have one.
We counted our rings to find out how old our tree is.  Is your Christmas tree younger or older than your kids?  Ours is 13 years old!  Much older than our boys. 
I think we just started another new Christmas tradition.  I wonder how old our Christmas tree will be next year?

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