Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letter pairing with Starfall

In the past couple of weeks in the FunShine curriculum they have had me cut out squares, originally in brown paper, because it is also the color we are learning.  On each square you were to write a letter, 2 of each letter.  This is where I think misunderstood the instructions and I wrote a capital letter on one and the lowercase on another.  Then, if you had a group of children, you would give one to each child and they were to find their matching pair.  We had to adapt the activity a bit because of only having one student.  So I decided to incorporate Starfall, a website I had heard about from a friend.
This is Starfall's alphabet page where it lists all the letters of the alphabet in capital letters.  I laid all of his paper letters out on the counter, uppercase on top, lowercase on bottom. 
Then I would choose a capital letter and put it up above all the others and ask him to find that letter on the Starfall alphabet page and click on it.  When you click on the letter it opens to this screen where the pair of letters are displayed.  Next I would ask him to find the matching letter, the lowercase letter.
He found it.
After finding the matching pair I let him play with more of the Starfall program.
 The letter D had ducks that swam when you click on the D.
Also a Dinosaur of course.
He actually worked through all the letters I had out, which was not the full alphabet, and he really enjoyed it. 

We will be doing this again.

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  1. I am considering purchasing from FunShine Express. Not sure if I will order now, or wait until August and start my daughter in September, but I will be sure to mention your name when I do order! Thank you!!

    1. You are welcome and Thank you. What ever timing you choose I know you will enjoy their product. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.