Friday, February 15, 2013

New Color/Shape Sorting Toy

Miss Lucy in the early morning light color sorting with our new toy from Aunt Skip.  I love learning toys.
Mr. G man sorting by shape.  Everyone has loved this toy so far.
Mr. Peter answering my question of "which one is orange?'
My Aunt Skippy picked this up for Peter at Bi-Mart.  Who knew?

I’m blogging with minimal words this February. I’d love to see snippets of your life in photos too, please leave me a link in the comments.


  1. Wow what a great toy! We may have to come knocking for that one to borrow when Bennet is old enough :) I find educational toys at totally random places. Tuesday Morning has had some good stuff in the past. But I've never checked out bi-mart... Now I might have to!

    1. I thought for sure she got this toy at Lakeshore Learning where she got our parachute men. But I couldn't find it on the website anywhere so I texted her to ask. I was totally surprised she found this set at Bi-Mart! Going to have to look a little closer next time we are there. You are more than welcome to barrow it for Miss Bennet of course. What's nice about it is that the pegs come out of the base so you can give them 2 colors to sort or 3 and work your way up to all of them.