Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parking Garage by Alex Toys

Jeff and I have been drooling over these sort of toys since Lachlan was born but they are always over $100, which is way out of our price range.  However, a few months ago, Groupon had the Alex Toys Parking Garage for sale for $32!  We couldn't believe it and couldn't pass it up.  This was Peter's Birthday present this year.

So far they have really enjoyed it.  It goes really well with out Melissa & Dough Whittle World collection we have accumulated over Christmas and 2 Birthdays.  The fire truck in the above photo is a Whittle World.

This parking garage has a helicopter pad on the very top floor.  It comes with one helicopter and 4 cars.  It has three floors and they are all numbered and colored differently so you can talk about the numbers and colors as you are playing along with your kids.

It also comes with one man that fits inside the ticket booth and a gas pump which is not seen in either photo.  The elevator was a bit sticky, it didn't move up and down very easily but wood does flex a bit.  Grandpa Neil put a little pin in it to hold the outside edge of the elevator out because it had flexed in which was causing the issue.  It slides up and down with ease now.

Over all I think this is a great toy and am very happy with our purchase.  

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