Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stone Soup

We read the book Stone Soup by Heather Forest with the boys.  It is a great story about sharing what you have.  After reading the book the next assignment from FunShine Express was to make our own soup.  Jeff is the cook in the family so he helped Lachlan prepare a bunch of veggies and spices for making soup the night before.  In the morning we got out the little crockpot and started adding ingredients just like in the story.  At the end we added just a little bit more water to make sure all the veggies were covered, turned it on and let it cook.  We came back through out the day to stir it and smell it as it cooked.
This is at the very end adding just a but more water.  I was just having fun in the moment didn't want to stop to get the camera.

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