Monday, February 4, 2013

The #7

This is from FunShine Express, one of the Daily Basic lessons for the #7.  I pulled out a cookie sheet and put 7 of each item on the tray.  It is meant to be a group exercise where you give each child one of the items and they pull of all of the other matching items and count them as they go.  Since I just have one child he gets to do all the items.

I have a math book that had the idea of gluing cotton balls to paper which I thought would be fun so I added that to this project as well.  I will have him count the cotton balls last and as he counts them have him glue them to the paper.  It just so happened that 7 cotton balls can be placed in the shape of a seven as well.

Excuse the messy face.  We had a rare snack of Doritos.

If you find my blog posts helpful and you decide to make a purchase at FunShine Express please add my blog name in the referral section when you check out. We are so thankful for any help we get towards the expense of our boys education.

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  1. Such a fun activity! I need to checkout FunShine Express!!