Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just a little Bird Watching

A red bellied robin flew into our backyard last night as we were taking advantage of the last few minutes of daylight.  At least I think that's what kind of bird it was, I am no bird expert.  It hopped around the grass looking for some grub and it seemed to find a few bugs. 

Lachlan stood still and quiet and said in a whisper "Mom I need my binoculars."  Of course you do.  So I went in and grabbed the 2 pairs we have for the boys to do a little bird watching.  The cuteness of the situation was just too much for me so I had to get my camera out.

Hmm, one boy knows how to use the binoculars correctly and one does not.  Any guesses which one is which?

"I spotted something, it's a Peter, that's not a bird, it's a little boy."  - Lachlan
Ariel! How ya doing kid! Whoa what a swim.  :)  Always think of the scene in the Little Mermaid when they use them backwards.

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