Friday, April 19, 2013

Bird Watching Camp Out

In the evening hours of Wednesday, April 17th, Lachlan spotted a bird in the backyard.  We had the back sliding door open still from the boys coming in and out.  Lachlan stood still in the door and called us all over to see the bird.  Suddenly, he puts his finger up in the air "I need to get my bird book."  We have a bird book that we have been leaving out in the front bedroom to identify the hummingbirds that frequently visit our feeder.  He ran to the front bedroom and started searching for the visiting bird in the backyard.  Peter, who does everything brother does, also wanted a book.  So Jeff got him the other from the collection my dear friend Amber gave us, complete with a custom made cloth bag with birds on it. 

Lachlan invited his brother to sit down next to him with their bird books in hand. " Brrr", Lachlan says, "It's cold, we need a blanket."  So I grab a blanket and wrap it around them as they sit watching for birds.

Next a Robin hops in the backyard as well and bounces around the lawn looking for food.

I had to get out my camera of course.  Took, just a few pictures.

At the very end of the bird watching, Lachlan decided they needed to camp out by the back door to keep watching for birds.  He went to their room, grabbed a pillow and brought it out, Peter followed closely behind, struggling just a bit to carry the pillow out.  It was pretty dark at this point so I didn't think anymore birds would be hanging out in our backyard.  So I asked if we could move the camp out and they were all in.  Jeff got out our little air mattress.  We got it all set up and wrapped them up tight and cozy to watch a movie for a nice ending to the night.
Jeff and I are planning a trip with our bird watchers to a local bird reserve.  Should be fun.  Now we just need to locate our other set of binoculars and we should be set.

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