Monday, April 15, 2013


 Jeff was working on putting new flooring around our sliding glass door and I was working on the computer.  The boys really wanted to "help" Dad but turns out it wasn't very helpful.  So we got them distracted and they were playing on the bed in their room pretending to be "super dog!"  They would stand at one end and jump as far as they could.  They were having tons of fun but were getting to that point where they were getting too wound up and someone was going to get hurt.  So I found a dog movie on Netflix and put it on. 
Back at the computer I hear Jeff say "uh Tracy."  I turn to see this.  Had to take a few pictures of course.

Then Lachlan decided to sit up and of course Peter did too.  Peter looked over at Lachlan and studied how he was holding his hands and how he had his legs crossed and worked very hard at mimicking him exactly.  
 Telling something to brother.  Next Lachlan elbowed Peter. 
I love having 2 boys.  So happy they each have a brother.  I hope they can stay close for a life time. 

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