Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How Much Love?

The question is: How much love can fit in a jar?  This is a math project from FunShine Express.  The idea is to fill a jar with Hersey Kisses and ask the kids to guess how many are in the jar.  Take all their guesses and write them down.  Then count out how many kisses are in the jar. 

Next ask how long do you think the kisses would be if you lined them all up next to each other.  Then get out a measuring tool to find out how long?

This is just a fun way to introduce the concept of measurements and numbers. 

We didn't have any Hersey kisses but we did have a lot of jelly beans because we came to this lesson just after Easter.  So, I changed it up a bit. 

I forgot to take pictures of this activity until the very end when we had all of the jelly beans lined up.  This was pretty tough.  Trying to keep the hands away from the counting until after we measured. 

Finally, after we measured, I told them they could have a few pieces.  Peter was quick to grab one.  I think he had been eying it for a while. 
We had over 2 ft of jelly beans. 

So if you have any left over candy from Easter maybe you can put it all to good use by seeing how long it is when it's all lined up. 

If you find my blog posts helpful and you decide to make a purchase at FunShine Express please select my blog name in the referral section when you check out. We are so thankful for any help we get towards the expense of our boys education.

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