Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 9 - Ducks

I waited to start our Mother Goose Time until Grant got here today.  His little baby brother, Cody was asleep when he got here.  We were able to get started with Circle Time right away.  Where have you seen ducks? was the question of the day.  "The zoo." Lachlan answered.  You know, he is right.  I wouldn't have thought the zoo right away when asked about ducks.  But there is a duck exhibit at the zoo where you can watch them dive underwater and swim around on a little pond right in front of you.

I asked Grant too.  He is starting to get really good at telling stories and answering questions.  In fact tonight he told me a really interesting story about a combine.  He was still thinking for an answer to my question when Lachlan chimed in "you have seen ducks at the zoo too, right Grant?"  "Yeah, I did." he said.  I thought it was pretty cute that Lachlan was helping Grant along with his answer and convincing him of where he had seen a duck.

As soon as we were done with the question, calendar and weather, my boys darted straight outside.  I told them we were going to make duck headbands, but they didn't bat and eye and kept on running.  Grant was interested though so I sat down with him at the counter while I kept track of my boys running outside.  I helped Grant make his duck headband, he stuck the eyes on and helped fold the beak.  Then I put a little glue down over the eyes and let him stick his duck feather which ever which way he wanted.  I stapled it together and then fit it to his head.  He really wanted to show it off to Peter and Lachlan and came running outside to show them.  Any guesses on their reaction . . . "I want one!"  Of course you do, and that was Mommy's plan all along.

Once all the duck headbands were made, back outside they went.  They really took it from there.  I talked to them about how ducks have families and how the baby ducks follow the Mommy or Daddy duck.  Lachlan was designated the Daddy duck and the other two followed.  They flew and they pecked at the ground to eat.
Flying duck

Eating ducks

Happy duck
I brought the three little duck cut outs and the ribbon out to the picnic table with tape to make a string of their own baby ducks to follow them around.  I had a stack of the large, medium and small duck and asked them to grab one of each and to put them in order of large to small.  I had to help the little ones with this but Lachlan was pretty successful.
Grant and Peter decided to give the baby ducks swimming lessons in the pool that was still out from the nice weather the last few days.  Paper and water don't mix too well.

In the afternoon, after I was able to get all 3 of the little ones down for naps, I was able to spend some great one on one time with Lachlan.  We covered the D is for Duck, Dirty Duck and Three Little Ducks sections and reviewed some activities from the last few days that we didn't get to cover in depth.

We also pulled up some videos of Mommy ducks and their ducklings on YouTube.  Oh he loved this, so did I.  If you want to see something cute, ducklings are it.

We ended our time together with another game of Fishing Tournament, the folder game that came with Day 6

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