Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kiddie Pool Fence

The lifeguard in me always worries about water safety.  Even though these kiddie pools are pretty shallow they can still, of course, be dangerous.  Often we like to leave it out for a couple days in a row.  Even with our back sliding door locked I don't trust that the boys will stay out of the pool.  They can unlock the back door.

That's when this idea came to mind.  This is a portable dog pet fence or play yard.  It accordion folds flat to store out of the way.  It is just big enough to fit around our kiddie pool to keep the boys out until it is time to swim.
We happened to have this one from years ago when we were trying to train our dog to go outside.  We fenced her in to a confined space by the back sliding door/doggie door while we were at work.  However, this thing has come in handy time and time again.  It blocked off the area by the wood stove at my Aunt's house and has kept the kids away from Jeff's tools while he works. 

Lachlan is now able to open these latches that we have but Peter still can't.  A few carabiners could work just fine too.  Or for the very advanced, an actual lock. 


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