Monday, May 27, 2013

Mr. Samuel C. - 9 months

Sam's big brother David wore just overalls in his 9 month photos, so Mom Lena wanted to do the same for this little man.  Oh man did he look cute.  This family lives out on a farm.  As soon as I pulled up I spotted the big red barn with a line of birch trees on one side creating perfect shade.
He is such a cute little guy.  One little red curl of hair in the front.

Sam is a big fan of Daddy.  His Daddy, Matt, was working around the farm and would occasionally stop by as we were taking pictures.  Sammy never let him get out of site.  
One of Daddy's visits.  Sam was quite pleased.  I love this picture!  It shows Dad in his work clothes kneeling down to his little boy and sheer joy from Sam at having his Daddy there.  Also, love the fact that you can see his wedding ring, which just signifies this beautiful family. 
He is such a big fan of patty cake, patty cake.  I could start singing the song and he would clap and smile.  I love that he get's so excited he stretched out his little neck.  It really doesn't get any cuter than that. 

Sammy loves this school bus.  I asked Lena if he had anything that was a favorite for him right now.  Thought it would be fun to have it in a photo to really capture Sammy at 9 months. 

These are the first photos I have every put a watermark on with my name on it.  I am very proud to put my name on these.  I have been told by several people now, that I needed a watermark.  So I went ahead and did it.  Still seems strange to watermark my photos.  That's what professional photographers do, which I can't officially call myself yet.

Believe it or not there are like 40 more photos that I edited of Sammy!  These just happen to be a few of my favorites. 

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