Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Day 12 - M is for Moose

Most of this day we failed at completing.  Tuesday's are busy days with an additional 2 and a half year old and a 6 month old added to my two.  It just so happened that Cody, the 6 month old, is working on some new teeth.  So he was a bit unsettled through out the day.  Not to mention some new power struggle issues with my 4 year old.  *sigh*  However, we did make the Moose Heads and did the Moose on the Move.  Which was tons of fun.  I think its best to tell in a picture story.

Grant and I made his Moose first.

Next Lachlan and I worked on his.  He put it on his head at this point and wanted to build it while on his head.  Why not?
All together but no face.
Giving the Moose a face.
Lachlan decided his Moose needed a smile.  He was working very hard on it.
His face broke into a smile as he was drawing the smile on the Moose.
Here are the Moose on the Move.  Moose walking.
Moose squatting.  Well that doesn't sound right. Ha
Moose being corralled.
Moose in the corral while wild Moose friend wonders what to do now.
Corralled Moose playing with worms.
Swimming Moose

 Swimming/running Moose.

Playing Moose.
Moose grazing.  Have you ever seen a Moose eat?
Baby Moose, free and in the wild.
Check out those antlers.  Moose has an itchy ear.

A bird watching Moose.
Baby Moose on the run!

I felt like a wild life photographer for a day.  But seriously, put funny hats on your kids, I bet you can't stop yourself from taking tons of pictures and laughing as they do the most mundane things.  Truly entertaining.  Thank you MGT!

I am hoping to do Moose Math and Mmm Mmm Good this morning before we start on Newts and Otters.  Moose Math should be fun.  MGT has us draw a number out of a bag, 1 through 20.  Then work together to use our fingers to make antlers on our head with that many spikes.  For Mmm Mmm Good we search through grocery adds and circle food that starts with an /m/ sound.  I love that idea.  I will keep you posted.

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