Monday, June 10, 2013

Day Bag - Day 6 Letter F

So far I have done a pretty general review of how I use Mother Goose Time at home.  Recently a friend asked to see the supplies that come with MGT specifically, what's in a Day Bag.  I thought there might be others out there interested in MGT who might also want more details on the contents each day.
One of these sheets are at the front of each Day Bag so you can clearly see the day (the # in the lower right hand corner) and the topic.  This makes it really easy for Lachlan to see and choose which topic he wants to learn that day, when I let him choose. See Reggio Emilia.

This is a story telling set.  The animal pieces are to be cut out.  The instructions in the lesson plan book say to ask the children how they and their friends are alike and how they are different.  Next we talk about how some animals get along and how some animals don't get along.  We put the animals in the zoo as we discuss the subject and try to figure out pairs of animals that might get along and why.

These are all the supplies for the craft along with the craft instruction sheet.  I really like that there is a picture of the finished craft on the instruction sheet.  I usually set this out on the counter for Lachlan to look at as he works.  Sometimes it is a great guide, sometimes it leads to frustration because his is not turning out like the on in the picture.  But most of the time I can guide him through that frustration and teach him how to do what he is struggling with. This of course brings him much joy.

These are the picture cards that come in every Day Bag this month.  They are added to our Zookeeper ring and at the end of the month we will have a complete A to Z set of animals.  On the back side of the photo is the upper and lowercase letter F.

 Here is the full page spread in the lesson plan book. 
The first page at the top has the Opening Circle routine listed and an Opening Song or Rhythm each day.  Today's song is about a Fox of course and is sung to the tune of "The Muffin Man."  Everyday also has a Question of the Day which is usually an open ended question.

In the F is for Fox Art section it tells you how to interact with the children as you are making the craft and after the craft is made.  How to make the craft is on the separate instructions sheet that I had in the picture with the craft supplies. 

In the Feed the Baby Fox section MGT has you discuss how the children ate when they were babies.  Then you talk about the fact that a Fox is a mammal and so when it is a baby it also drinks milk.  Sometimes in a zoo baby foxes are fed with a bottle.

In the upper right hand corner of this lesson there is a check box list of items.  At the top it lists provided supplies or supplies that came in the Day Bag.  The next portion lists Your Supplies.  For this lesson we will have to cut out paper bottles.  Then number the bottles and hide them around the room.  Last week we covered #s 1 through 5 so I will probably number my bottles 6 through 10.  Once they find the a bottle they say the number on the bottle and count to that number while pretending to feed a baby fox.

The Fox Den lesson on this page is the active play and dramatic play for today.  We first ask what the kids have on their bed, then we talk about where a fox sleeps.  Next you provide blankets and pillows and what ever else you would want to supply for the kids to make fox dens for sleeping.

At the end of the day we end with the Closing Circle.  We recap what we learned about that day and listen to the song about the Fox on the music CD that comes in each months kit.  They have us move to the music and repeat the /f/ sound as the music plays.

I hope this helps you see how the Day Bag works along with the curriculum so seamlessly.  The supplies that you may need to provide are super easy and most items you probably just have in your house already.   I will show you another Day Bag here soon so you can see how each bag is different.

Now I must get started on our day of learning about foxes! 

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