Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day Bag - Day 7 G, Day 8 H & Bonus Day

I just wanted to show you another Day Bag from Mother Goose Time.  Here is our Day Bag for G is for Gorilla.
This is the cover sheet.
We made these awesome Gorilla masks.  We used the combs to paint black hair on the mask.  It also came with a sign language card.
One of these is coming in every day bag this month for our zookeeper ring.
 Here is the contents of H is for Hippo.
Cover page.
Recipe Card.  These cards come in the Day Bags now and then.  I have noticed 3 or so each month.  The green is an activity and there are orange ones for snack ideas or recipes.  I need to find a recipe box to put these in.  What a great thing to be able to keep in your kitchen and pull out down the road for a snack or fun activity. 
The Hippo photo card for the zookeeper ring.
This is a little book that came in the Day Bag today.  This one is A to Zoo.  Last months was a book about the /up/ sound. It comes with a place on the front to write each kids name so they each can have their own.

I realize just now that I haven't shown you what a packages Day Bag looks like.  So here is I is for Ibis still in it's package.  As you can see it is called a Day Bag because it actually comes in a bag.  I keep my box of bags in the garage just outside the kitchen.  As I open the bags and use the things inside I file them away in a file box on my counter.  The file box is also where I keep the Lesson Plan books.

I also wanted to show you the Bonus Bag.  If there is a holiday during that month they add it in as a Bonus Bag.  For June that holiday is Father's Day.  This is actually a wonderful idea because if you happen to by June's month to use for another month, like July, you don't have to use the bonus bag.  It's not worked into the curriculum but separate.  
This is the Lesson Plan, it's actually a full 11x17 sheet of paper, printed front and back.  This side faces out just like the other cover sheets to clearly show you what's inside the bag.
Here it is open with the lessons for the day.
The back side with book recommendations.
This frame with the ribbon came with.  Then we are instructed to put a foot print on the paper.
At the bottom there is a little poem.  So sweet.


  1. It sounds like you're having an awesome time and so are the kids :) are you going to take your boys to the zoo with their little completed books when the month is done? -Settelmeyer

  2. You know, that is a great idea! I am going to have to talk to Jeff, see if we can pick a date. Thank you.