Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oops, we might as well make the most of it!

I had the honor of being second shooter at a wedding with Meagan Opel of Meagan Opel photography.  I am photographing a wedding for a friend on August 10th and wanted to get some hands on experience from a pro.  Meagan was nice enough to let me tag along.

Saturday afternoon I spent the day out at a beautiful farm in Tangent Oregon.  About a 47 minute drive from my home.  It was a long day and joy filled my soul as I turned in to my neighborhood.  Joy was followed by sudden sadness when I realized that I had left my step ladder at the farm.  A step ladder, I know.  But not just any step ladder.  You see, sometimes it is nice to get a higher angle for shots.  So in the past I had asked Jeff to throw in a crate or something for me to stand on when he helps me pack his car for photo shoots.  For our anniversary he bought me a step ladder.  I was so happy that not only did I have a step ladder but that my husband bought me something to help me in my new hobby.  Now it might make more sense on why I was so bummed.

I got home and asked Jeff what I should do?  Should I just turn around now and go get it?  He suggested we go get it as a family the next day.  I loved this idea, another reason why I love him.  We didn't want to spend tons of money but still wanted to have some fun.  Our boys love trains and Albany has an awesome station.  I got online to see what time a train might be coming to the station.  I saw 11:30am but wasn't 100% positive.  It was a little strange to figure out.  We packed up, loaded up and headed for the station.  We talked to the lady at the desk and she said the train would not be arriving until 1:30.  Darn it.  Packed up again and headed for the farm.

Where are we going?  Why are we leaving the station?  Lachlan asked.  I told him we had to go to the farm to get my ladder.  Oh okay.  We drove down the road a little ways.  There's a farm, he pointed out.  Yes it is, a farm, but not the farm that has my ladder.  Sorry bud, we have to keep going.

When we arrived it worked out just about perfect.  The groom and some of the groomsmen were there helping to clean up.  The women who owns the farm was right there out front when we pulled up.  She knew right where it was.  I collected my ladder and we were on our way.  There was still some time before the train arrived and we were all a bit hungry.

Part of our plan for the day was to stop at the Tasty Freeze.  It's one of those order at the window, old school burger joints.  Jeff and I made a few stops back in college.  We parked, got the boys out and walked up to the window to order.  Milkshake, fries and a burger to share.  Yum!

We took our food back to the station and waited, and waited and waited.  An eternity for a 2 and a 4 year old.  Lachlan literally asked "what's taking so long?"  Over and over and over and over and over again.  To make matters worse, the train was running late.  So I have a lot of pictures of the boys waiting for the train.

Grandpa Neil, notice what's in his hand.

His new smile when I take his picture.
Waiting . . .

Take a picture of him, he told me.

Waiting . . .

We saw fire trucks and a couple ambulances go out on calls while we were waiting.

Train conductor

And waiting . . .

Big sigh
Put your arm around each other so I can take your picture.  This is what I got.
Finally the train arrived.  They announced it was on it's way.  We lined the boys up by the chain barrier by the platform.  An older gentlemen came up and was waiting near us.  He said hi and we were visiting a bit.  I instructed Peter to do something, like don't shake the chains or something along those lines.  The older gentlemen said "oh, you are a Peter too?"  Peter looked at him inquisitively.  Peter this is Peter I said.  His name is Peter too.  Still a little confused.  Soon the train arrived and we were able to send older Peter off on the train.  So fun!

Here comes the train.
It does not slow down.

Getting closer!
Maybe a little too close and too fast for Peter, he backed up a bit.

You can see older Peter in the background ready to board the train.
Mister Conductor
We waited for an eternity, when the train finally came, it was at the station for maybe 10 minutes.  The boys didn't care at all!  To them it was well worth the wait.  Lachlan continues to tell the story and asks to go back.  Next time, he says, he wants to ride on the train.  We need to take them on the train, soon.   

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