Friday, July 5, 2013

Worm World

We had some left over worms from out boat weekend.  Lachlan got to bring them home and we had them in the fridge for a couple days.  Lachlan hadn't asked for them or even thought of them since. So one morning, while he was still sleeping I took them outside and let them go "free and in the wild."  As they say on Wild Kratts.  That morning, the first words out of his mouth "Mom, can I have my worms."  What!?!? Seriously?

So I told them that I had let them go and he was not so thrilled with me.  I told him, maybe we can get a worm farm and started looking online for options.  I called Grandpa Neil to tell him the story and my planned purchase.  They called me back a few minutes later, don't buy the worm farm online, Mom and I thought we would come take the boys into Salem and buy them a worm farm.

Sweet!  I continued my research to find out where in Salem they could get one and called to confirm.  Toys R Us had them in stock and ready for purchase.  So Grandma and Grandpa picked them up and took them shopping for a worm farm, and some worms of course.
This is it.
It came with the container and sand.  That was it.  But we used potting soil from our shed.  You put down layers of dirt then sand all the way to the top.  The kids all took turns.

Next the worms were added.  We chose to put 6 of them in.  The rest we let go, "free and in the wild."

Admiring their work.  Then you are supposed to add leaves and grass and what not for the worms to eat. 

Sleeping with the worms.
Admiring the worms, again.

I have to say, it is quite interesting.  I find myself checking on them more often than the kids these days.  They say we should keep them for about a month and then let them go and get some more worms.  Good news, our local gas station now sells worms!  So we will add a fresh batch in a month or so. 

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