Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Day 10 - Wagon

We started our day with the Rebus Reader.  A story titled My Wagon which instead of some of the words there were pictures.  So as you read the story you could pause and point to the picture.  The kids could finish the sentence.  This is great for kids who can't read quite yet to feel like they are reading.  We read through the story several times at the children's request.

Next we worked on making a Big Wagon Wheel.  I got out strips of paper and tape.  I thought Colton would be hooked right away, he loves tape.  But it took him a while to get interested.  It was Riley and I mostly working on the project at first.  The idea was to tape the paper strips together to make a really long strip then make it into a circle to see how big around it is.  A wagon wheel was usually 5 to 6 feet tall.  So we made what seemed like a super big strip and then when we made it into a circle it was only 1 and a half feet tall.  Darn it, we had to keep going.  Eventually Colton joined in, we taped and we taped, then Lachlan joined in.  We made a circle a couple more times, 3 feet, then again it was just over 5 feet tall.  Perfect, the size of a wagon wheel.  Mother Goose Time gave us the idea of having the children lay down in the middle to see just how tall it is.  Colton laid down and it was bigger than him. 

Next we got out the Wagon Shapes Shape Mat.  There were foam shapes provided in one of the day bags at the beginning of the month.  I set it down with all the shapes and all the kids wanted to jump in.  They were all working on putting the shapes in place.  The only problem was we didn't have enough shapes to fill in all the spaces at once.  I think we have been slowly losing them each time we pull them out. 

We conducted the Rolling Experiment next.  I first asked the kids if the cars would roll better over the kitchen floor or the carpet.  They all exclaimed kitchen!  Then I asked will this car or this car roll further?  That's all I had to ask to start a frenzy of car rolling in the kitchen.  Always a favorite activity.

Lastly we built our wagons.  All the supplies came in the day bag.  We were having so much fun building that I didn't pick up the camera until the end.  But you can see the very awesome finished product.

Straws were the axles and they provided foam wheels for our wagons.  A tongue depressor for the handle.  Colton decided he wanted to make a lid for his wagon and then the others wanted to as well.  He really has an engineers mind.  Peter exclaimed one day when Colton was here, "I want a plane!"  Sorry bud we don't have a plane.  I responded.  Colton gets all excited and you can see him start to light up, "but we can make one.  We just need a box and some tape and . . ." As he starts the design in his head.  Again, a big let down, when I tell him Jeff just took out all the recycling and we don't have any boxes.  Oh man!

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