Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Day 6 - Light Bulb

Question of the Day, what gives off light?  Today we learned about light bulbs among other things of course, like the number twenty.  We started with Light-up Numbers.  This was super simple and I would have never thought of it.  First Mother Goose Time had us color a page in their My Little Journal yellow, then color over the yellow with a black crayon.  Next they scratched the number 20 into the black with a paperclip.  It scraped away the black to show the yellow underneath.  I tried it first to see how well it would work, then I showed them how to do it before I let them try, to get them intrigued and understand why I was asking them to do what I was asking them to do.  Then it was their turn.  It get's a little boring to practice writing with a pencil on paper.  That's why this idea is so fun, something new. 

The first two were mine the last one was Peter's attempt.  He was really focused on the circle shape of the zero.

Next MGT provided us with this great print out of a light bulb.  It had fold marks on it to fold it into thirds and circle punch outs where the light shines through.  Yellow for light and black for dark, on or off.  First the boys had to cut out circles from the yellow and black paper.  I used the punch out piece to trace a circle on the colored paper for them to follow when cutting.  Both Peter and Lachlan have really improved in their cutting skills. 

Next we glued the colors on the page where instructed.  Yellow on the on page and black on the off page.

Practicing the on and off.  Folded one way the black shows through the light bulb and folded the other way the yellow shows through. 

We also got this great Counting Card.  Again we used Yellow and Gray shapes continuing with the on and off concept.  All the kids really enjoyed this counting card.  It's still sitting on my counter at the top of the tower for them when they climb up. 

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