Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Day 8 - Refrigerator

Today's question of the day, what might you find in a refrigerator? 

We did not complete all of this day's lessons.  But what we did do was great fun and I wanted to share.  First we read the Refrigerator Robot story.  This is kind of like a madgabs story.  It came with cut outs of pictures.  As we read through the story there were fill in the blanks where the kids would draw a picture card.  Here is an example sentence: The first step in building a refrigerator robot is to cut a big ________ into two pieces.  The picture cards are of a birthday cake, cardboard box, sock, banana, light bulb or tire.  So you can see the story can turn silly pretty quick.  The kids thought this was great.  What a fun way to expand their story telling skills and listening skills. 

Next we did the art for the day.  We had a printed refrigerator where you folded the sides in for the doors.  Mother Goose Time then provided us with food stickers that we could also color.  So they made their little refrigerators and put the food in and colored away.  I noticed on the example sheet that they had colored things on the front doors of the refrigerator like art work displayed and what not.  I pointed that out to Lachlan and he really had fun with that.  I asked him which shapes were on our refrigerator.  Mostly rectangles - pictures and art work. 

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