Friday, November 22, 2013

Community Helpers - Day 5, Dentist

Lachlan has had a lot of experience with the dentist lately.  So it was nice to cover it in this fun way.  A few weeks ago both the boys went to the dentist but Lachlan had his first cavity.  It turns out his molars have really deep indentations so it's pretty easy to miss those spots with his toothbrush.  Thank goodness, they were very superficial at this point and the dentist was able to fix them up right there.

But weeks have gone by and Lachlan has still been bothered by one of the teeth.  I asked him multiple times if it hurt or if it just felt funny.  He would go between the two answers, so it was hard to know what was going on.  Finally I took him back, worried we might have to do something more dramatic.  We get there and the Dental assistant asks him, "I hear you have an owie on your tooth?"  "Yeah and I can't get it off" he says.  The most detailed and clear he had been yet.  The Dentist took a look and found a small piece of filling had dried to sort of a point on part of his tooth where it wasn't supposed to be.  They were able to pick it off rather quickly.  Asked Lachlan if it was better, he felt it with his tongue and giggled with delight.  That thing was really bugging him. I was so thankful it wasn't something worse.

So when we came home and I discovered the topic of the day was the Dentist.  It just couldn't have been more perfect.  The first part of the lesson was to place the toothbrush, that Mother Goose Time provided, in a bag.  Then have them reach in and feel it with out looking and try to figure out what it is.  Lachlan got it!
I was able to follow up with the second lesson with Peter and Lucy, Tooth Brushing Art.  Lachlan was having a tough moment.  But Lucy and Peter happily colored some food particles on their tooth and then painted over them with their toothbrush, washing them away.
So we started the Dentist day on the 15th of November, now on the 18th of November we are working on the next few lessons from the day. Again, I took advantage of our time at the table.  Each boy picked a color and traced the lines for pre-writing practice.
I love how the lines they are following correspond with the type of line they would need to write in order to write that letter.  For instance, duck and dog both start with a D and the line between the two has multiple nice round curves on it like the capital D.

We were sitting down at the table for dinner when we were working through these.  So Jeff was home with us.  I was teaching Lachlan and Peter the sign for Smile and then next we were practicing Lachlan's first verse for Awanas.  He just started and his entry verse is 1 John 4:10, which they have shortened a bit for early learning to, "God loved us, and sent his son."  After practicing Smile a few times, Lachlan said his verse, but he paraphrased it a bit.
 Jeff had to write it down quickly before we forgot it.  Neither of us want to forget moments like this. 
I have to say, his paraphrase is pretty accurate.

By the way, you will never guess what we had for dinner that night.  Pizza, but not just any pizza, pizza made by chef Lachlan in a very special way.

When we discovered the pepperoni had gone bad, it was my idea to make an olive smile.  I had the idea in mind since I was hoping to cover the topic of smiling and teeth at dinner that night.  I have to say, it couldn't have worked out more perfectly.

Now on day 5 of this topic, the day after our pizza dinner, I was finally able to finish the last lesson.  Three Little Teeth had us cut out three square, white teeth and then glue them on a smile in our My Little Journal.  Here the boys are at breakfast, yet again at the table.

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