Thursday, March 13, 2014

GG & Adam

In my last post I introduced our new addition Adam Pride.  His name Adam, is my Great Grandfather's name.  He is the father of my Grandmother Marge and came over from Germany when he was a young man.  He was a good man, one I am proud to name my son after. 

Grandma Marge, GG (Great Grandma) as we now call her.  Has not been feeling well.  So it took her a few days to make it over to meet Adam.  She came for just a short time.  But the strangest thing happened.  GG got Adam's first smile.  He had smirked a bit but not yet had he held a big old grin.  Not until GG held him, the namesake of her Father. 

 There it is, a big smile.

So very happy I had my camera out.  I will cherish the images of these two together for a very long time. 

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