Monday, March 31, 2014

Swords & Shields

Peter had taken a liking to my diaper pail lid.  For days now, he would take it off the pail and hold it up like a shield.  As you can imagine, the lid to the diaper pail plays an important role in keeping the odor at bay.  Then yesterday, Jeff had his tools out and was working on making a balance beam with our old Christmas tree.  Peter once again took the lid, and that's when I came up with a brilliant plan.  I told Peter to go tell his Dad to make him a shield.  He did, but I had to translate.  Jeff looked at me a bit confused and asked "what kind of a shield, how big, what should it look like?"  I replied by saying it should look just like my diaper pail lid.  Suddenly you could see it all starting to make sense to Jeff. 

He got straight to work.  At first he was just going to make 1 shield, but I begged for 2.  I actually said "you have to make 2."  So he dug a little deeper in his trailer and found another handle.

After the shields were made I told him we needed to make swords.  I had a swimming noodle in the middle bedroom closet that we once used as a bumper on the edge of the bed when the boys were still learning to sleep with out a railing.  But for now, it didn't have a job and between now and when we need one for Adam we can buy another.  Jeff found PVC pipe to slide in the middle, made a handle and taped it all up.  He worked on the sword project after the boys had gone to their room to rest.  It's just easier to work on some projects with out their "help".

The swords were complete and the boys were still awake.  We could hear them talking over the monitor.  Jeff said "I should go in and attack them with their new swords."  I told him he couldn't do it alone.  Adam had just fallen asleep so I laid him down.  Jeff and I pulled out all our combat skills as we snuk into their room and started attacking them with our foam noodle swords.

They had both taken their new shields with them to bed and they were laying next to them.  I yelled "grab your shields! Defend yourselves!"  They were of course happy to play along and were up and on guard rather quickly.  "These are awesome" I heard Lachlan mutter under his breath.

We got them all set up and explained to them the rules of sword fighting.  They took it from there. 

After a bit, I remembered the new balance beam in the backyard and sent them out there to try to knock each other off.
It's interesting, they are more cautious then I thought they would be with their new toys.  I think they truly are a bit scared of what the other brother will do if they are too rough.  But the role playing and make believe has been tons of fun!

Getting the idea of the shield.

When we get a chance, I am going to set the boys up with paint, so they can decorate their shields.  

So much fun, what a great family day.

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