Friday, May 9, 2014

Bugs and Crawling Things - Spiders

Day 2 was all about spiders.  They first made some spider art.  It was a weaving project, where they would weave 4 strips of paper through the spider body to make the 8 legs total.  The boys did well weaving but they didn't follow the correct pattern of alternating order of over and under.  I was not bothered and loved how they turned out.  Jeff came home and saw them and began reaching for the strips to rearrange them.  I grinned because I knew the urge he had, but I told him, too late, I already taped them in place.  It's not about the outcome, it's about the experience.
When we were at the counter eating I read the Rhyme Time Poster, which is Little Miss Muffet this month.  Then I asked the boys what scares them.  Lachlan said "spiders trying to eat me."  Peter said "my dinosaur."

The Theme Poster was sitting on the counter already along with the Look and Find Glasses so the boys got to work.
First they found the slug and followed his slug trail.  The Ladybug one asked them to find the ladybug with only 3 dots.  It took Lachlan a little while to find it.  Can you find it?
Eating their fresh baked ham, wearing his lady bug headband and looking for bugs.  It was a fun way to explore the poster.

One of the goals listed for Where's the Bug? is Self Direction 2.2 which says maintains attention. I would put Lachlan at benchmark E: sustains focus for at least 5 minutes, persisting even if their are problems or distractions.  The next benchmark, benchmark F, states that they sustain focus for at least 10 minutes, and I just don't think we are there yet, but he is super close.  He is really beginning to maintain focus through many school lessons in a row or books read in a row.  Usually with small breaks in between.

It took him quite a while to find that ladybug with 3 spots, yet her persisted.  He took some ques and recommendations from Jeff and I and kept going until he found it. 

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