Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adam Pride 4 months old

 Some play time on his 4 month birthday.  His hands are really starting to cooperate and grab things he wants them to grab.
 He has a dimple of sorts when he smiles big.  It's a little crease under his right eye.  You can kind of see it here.

I am so big.
This guy will probably have a lot of pictures with his hands in his mouth.  He brings them up there when he gets happy.
I sing the song "I'm forever blowing bubbles . . . " to him a lot.  He drools and blows bubbles more than my other two did.

He loves this crinkle toy from Amber.

He was starting to get cranky, but he found his thumb, and all was okay for a second.
Birds eye view.
Some jammy time first thing in the morning with brothers, the day after his 4 month birthday.
Yep, that's how we roll.  Fingers in mouths and noses.  Peter was just doing it to be funny.
 This one has got to be my favorite.

What is happening to me?

 Looking up and a big yawn.  So cute to see his little neck all stretched out.

What is that thing they call brother?

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