Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Be Superheroes - Superhero Symbol

This months theme is all about superheroes.  Could it get any better for my boys?  I don't think so.  I kind of thought getting through this month would be a breeze because of the topic, but alas, it is still July.  We have an annual family camp out in our backyard for the fourth of July, we have a little pop up pool in our backyard which the boys spend a lot of time in and we had an impromptu camping trip with me and the boys and our friend Amber and her kids.  Not to mention a few more health issues in the family, oh my.  So here it is July 16th and I am just now writing my first post about Mother Goose Time.

On July 1st I started setting up the calendar and new displays for July.  When I pulled out the More Math & More Reading book, Lachlan was quite interested. So I got him started on page 1.
Who doesn't do their school work in an Optimus Prime mask?

Day 1 is all about the Superhero Symbol which is of course an important part of all superhero costumes.  The big S for Superman and the Bat for Batman.
 Like I said, we have been living in our swim suits around here.  So Lachlan is wearing his swim trunks no shirt.  This is what summertime looks like around here.  We started Day 1 on July 2nd and Lachlan wanted to start his day with another page in his workbook.  So he had to draw a picture of what lived in the shoe.  He first wrote the letter A and then had to draw pictures of things that started with A.  He has gotten really good at sounding letters out and finding words that start with that sound.  So this was a lot of fun.  /a/a/ alligator, /a/a/ apple. 
 Not only has he gotten good at sounding words out he has also gotten great at drawing.  He has never enjoyed it in the past but he loves to sit down and put his imagination on paper now.  I love to watch him at work.
 While Lachlan was working on his workbook I got started on Peter's Superhero Nametag.  I wrote Peter the Great in yellow and gave Peter the purple pen to trace what I had written.  He was really concentrating here.  Big brother was checking in on his work.
 After every letter Peter would stop and throw his hands in the air to celebrate his work.  I joined in on the celebration for the first few, and then realized I should try to capture it with a picture.  It was so adorable.
 I am proud of you too buddy.

 For this lesson Find Motor 5.2 is listed as a skill.  Uses drawing/writing tools.  I would probably put Peter at Benchmark D which is preschool level for this.  Uses fingers to grasp and manipulate drawing/writing tools with increasing control.  Benchmark E says: uses a mature tripod grip with drawing/writing.  Not sure if I would consider his grip mature at this point, but he is doing pretty darn awesome.  Peter, you are great!
You can see the shape cards scattered on the counter there.  We also did the Superhero Symbols lesson while we were at the counter.  Lachlan randomly picked 2 shapes from the pile and then had to come up with a superhero name to go with those shapes.  He picked a circle and a heart shaped and he called himself the, Ball Huggie.  Love it.
This little man, melts my heart. 

Inside the My Little Journal we were supposed to work on the page with the number one on it.  Lachlan traced the number 1 and then drew a few more.  I think because of the boost he got from writing his name all by himself, he was willing to take instruction from me.  I told him to start at the top when writing the 1 instead of at the bottom as he normally does. 
 Next Mother Goose Time had us encourage them to draw a picture of themselves as the #1 superhero.  Here he is, with cape and all.

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