Friday, August 1, 2014

Buy a Box Already

Over the summer months Mother Goose Time does review months.  Last month our My Little Journal's had numbers 1 through 20 in them.  This month they have the full alphabet.  Last month we also had the alphabet included with a Wonder Word Wall. 

I point this out because if any of you are looking into Mother Goose Time, these would be great months to try.  You could buy last months superhero theme and this months camping theme and you would have all letters and numbers covered.  You could use their lessons as jumping off point to expand from.  I bet if you used it in this way, 2 boxes could get you 6 months or more.  Or if you just want to get a good idea as to what MGT is all about, these months are great.

I highly recommend anyone with an 18 month old and up to buy a box, even if it's just one.  I had no idea the things that my little guy could do and would have never encouraged him to do the things he has done if I didn't have a guide.  I am not even talking school prep, I am just talking about fun times with your children.  They do learn as you play, but they give you some awesome ideas and they truly teach you how to make each moment a teachable moment.
I would have never thought to have Peter tell me a story about a hedgehog. But I am so glad I did. He was just over 2 and a half years old when he told me this story.
There is a lot of research to show that simply reading to your kids on a daily basis increases their chances of success in academics.  But my boys have never been a fan of sitting down for reading time.  I felt like a failure until I heard one doctor explain the research.  It's not necessarily the reading to your kids but the time being spent with them, expanding their vocabulary and building a bond.  If your little ones are like mine, and will not sit still long enough for a daily bed time story, buy a box of Mother Goose Time.  Do a lesson a day.  They give you rhymes, songs, games, crafts & arts, and adorable displays so your kids can have their letters and numbers all around them.  Did I mention the discussion questions?  There is one with each lesson, not each day, each lesson, 4+ lessons a day.  They have you ask open ended questions.  Again questions I wouldn't have thought to ask and you get answers you would never expect.  Little glimpses into their amazing minds.
Here is Lachlan's story.  I am so glad to have this recorded, I can still hear his voice telling me the story and I wrote it exactly how he spoke it.
I don't think I was a bad Mom before.  But I do feel like I am a better Mom now.  I have probably learned more than my boys.  Most of all, I have learned how valuable these moments are with my sons and how amazing it is to be there when they do something or learn something for the very first time. 
Trust me, all the kids that come over will be ecstatic over the Mother Goose Time. 

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