Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Go Camping - Guitar

Day 5 was all about guitars, which makes sense when you are thinking about sitting around the campfire.

Since today is day 5 we reviewed the number 5.  The activity on the agenda was called Race for 5 and it was an obstacle course race, ending at the number 5.  Somewhere in the obstacle course we were to have them do 5 of something.

Normally I start with the craft at the beginning of the day but on this day everyone was a bit rowdy and they needed to run.  So when I saw this activity I was sold.  I wrote a number 5 on a piece of paper and placed it at one end of the yard, which peaked all of their interests.

I told them to put their backs against the fence, run and go under the picnic table, around the tree, jump over the bronco and jump 5 times to the #5.
 Lachlan went first.  I timed them with the second hand on my watch and Mother Goose Time had us write their time on a piece of paper (I used little sticky notes) and tape them (or stick them) to their backs to try to beat that time the second time through. 
 Here Autumn is going through the course.
She's got some good hopping skills.  Here she is hopping over the Bronco and Peter with his time on his shirt.

The best part of this obstacle course idea was that after I got their imaginations going they wanted to come up with their own course.  I told them to go ahead and they preceded to show my their ideas while they ran and ran and ran and ran and ran.   Since on this day, I was a little tired, it was a great way to use up some of their energy. 

Next we came in and did the guitar craft.  This took up a lot of time because Peter was really focused.  It was so fun to see him so focused on a task.  He wanted every square inch of that guitar covered in color.
 You can see us all spread out here on the floor working away, Adam is a part of the fun.  If I wasn't taking the picture I would be sitting right there by the Lesson Plan Book.  As they work I usually look to the discussion questions to start a conversation.  I looked ahead and asked the question for the next lesson, Camp Song Spinner.  How can you use your body to make different sounds?  Lachlan's answer still amuses me. "By putting a bucket on my head and baming it." Well that's one way to do it. 
 Here is Peter with his laser focus. 

 Lachlan got all done with his paper guitar and pretended to play and then got out the real thing. 
 Autumn, Lachlan and I moved on to the next activity, Peter was still working on his craft and didn't want to stray.  So we got out the spinner, picked a favorite song and then spun to find out what style we had to sing it in.  We picked twinkle, twinkle little star and Lachlan spun Opera Style.  He had no clue what to do, so I showed him.  They were both in shock with little smirks on their faces.  Kind of like I can't believe she just did that.  Above is Autumn giving it a try, a little more reserved than I. 
And here is Peter, still going.  Towards the end he wanted me to do the coloring but I encouraged him to finish the project all on his own.  It's always good to build skills of determination, at least determination to accomplish things that are good.  Peter can get pretty determined towards other things less productive.

The last activity of the day again today was in our My Little Journals.  I asked Lachlan to come up with a word that starts with a G or the /g/g/ sound.  His answer was "gorilla".  Right on little dude. 

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