Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Amazing Body - week 2, the 5 senses

On Day 6 we learned about sight.  The craft for the day was to decorate ping pong balls like eyeballs.  We tried it with washable markers but that didn't stay, it just smudged off.  So I knew we needed to use permanent marker, but it was picture day for Peter at flag football practice.  I didn't really want his hands and arms covered in black lines for photos.  So I put this craft off a day and we did it before we started Day 7s events.

We talked about making them look like our eyeballs and looked into each others eyes.  But I think they were just too excited about being able to color on ping pong balls.  They just covered them in scribbles.  It's got to be a pretty cool curriculum though, if you get ping pong balls as part of your supplies.
Here's my spread as they color.  I am preparing for Day 7 about hearing.  I also was trying to work in an Experience God lesson about faith, which is what the 3 bowls are for.  We were to hide a ball under one of the bowls, mix them up and then ask which one they thought the ball was in.  Talk about how we have to have faith that it is under that bowl because we can't see it.  Fun stuff.

Next we took those cardboard bowls, wooden spoons and rubberbands and put them together in different ways to figure out how to make music or sound. 
 First he tried just hitting the bowl with the spoon.
 I thought this one was clever.  He spun the bowl on top of the spoon. 
 Adam joined us as well.  He chewed on his spoon.
 I showed Lachlan how to put the rubberbands around the bowl and strum it like a guitar.  Then he came up with the idea of putting the two bowls together and putting beads inside.  We used rice.  I taped them together and they left the rubberbands in place.  It was actually super cool because you could pull back the rubberband on the bottom, let it snap and you could hear the rice jumping inside. 

 Then they stuck the wooden spoons in the rubberbands and used them as handles to shake their instrument with.

The next day, Day 8, we learned all about smell.  We talked about good smells vs. bad smells.  We worked on a pattern provided by Mother Goose Time which was a simple AB pattern of a skunk and flower.  We reiterated our knowledge of the letter B by playing around with sneezes.  And we worked in our I Can Read books.  This months book was called It Smells.  It shows a flower and says, it is a flower, it smells good.  Then a skunk and lastly a sock.  The final page just says, it smells ________.  The kids are supposed to write in how it smells and draw a face on the boy smelling the sock.  The boy was left faceless. 
Lachlan chose that he sock should smell stinky.  So I wrote it out for him on the white board that I have sitting on his desk there.  He wrote in the word and is working on drawing the boys face.  He drew two eyes and a tongue sticking out, like ewe gross.

Day 9 was all about touch.  We started our day with a number review.  I had the flash cards 1 through 11 and laid them out in front of the boys.  Some for Peter and some for Lachlan.  As I counted from 1 to 11 they were supposed to hold up the numbers I was counting. 
Next I filled a bag with odds and ends for them to reach in and feel and try to tell me what was inside.
He peaked.
 The craft for the day was the Tree Texture Book.  MGT provided us with these super cool tree trunk books.  One page 1 said rough, then soft, smooth, hard and create your own page.  First they cut out the green paper for the tree top.  Peter cut his in half and was excited that he made a "puzzle" and he slid the two pieces back together. 
Peter spent a lot of time cutting the red cellophane into little squares for apples on his tree.  MGT provided feathers for the soft page, cellophane for the smooth page, a small Popsicle stick for the hard page and sand for the rough page.  We did that page last as it required glue that had to dry.

We took a little break and this is what happened.  
Lachlan turned into a pumpkin and every toy got pulled out of the red bin.  Oh well. 
You can see here in the corner of this photo the green paper cut up.  MGT had us cut semicircles and long rectangles ask the kids if they could use these shapes to make a big B and a little b.  That was fun. 

This tool is new this year to MGT.  They are Math Story Cards.  We used the buttons that came with the kit this month, also new, to act out the story and in doing so, we did math.  You can see the boys holding the buttons up to their shirts in the photo above. 
 Since we were on the topic of math, I had thought up an activity I wanted to do for Lachlan a while ago, so I decided to do it now.  My Mom and Dad found these rolls of receipt paper at a garage sale.  I got out our yard stick and showed them what 10 inches looked like and then measured one out to be 100 inches.  In this photo I showed them what 1, 10, 20 and 100 looked like all lined up next to each other.  20 is as high as Lachlan can count and Lachlan has been asking about and been fascinated with the number 100.  So I thought a visual would help. 
He thought it was cool but was also fascinated by the roll of paper.  So I am not sure which part he will remember most about this. 

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