Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Guinea Pig Shower

Meet Guinea Pig.  He is a beanie baby hamster that has been named Guinea Pig by Lachlan and Peter.  He is loved by all, including our chihuahua Mona.  She likes to find him, where ever he is, and chew on him, carry him around, sometimes outside.  He was beginning to look a little . . . hmm . . . gross.  So I gave him an oxiclean bath.  I wasn't sure how he would fair, but luckily he was fine.
Today, Peter was having a tough moment while I was trying to shower.  He decided he didn't want me to shower.  Picture screaming almost 4 year old just outside the curtain as you try to have the nice, hot relaxing shower you had been dreaming about for hours.  In an effort to redirect him and get his mind turned around, I asked him if he wanted Hamster Guinea Pig to take a shower too.  He happily said yes, went to get Guinea Pig, dropped him, brother picked him up and brought him to Peter, which made Peter mad again because he wanted to do it "ALL BY MYSELF."  These are words we hear a lot lately.  At that point there was no winning.  I can't remember now what finally distracted him but he moved on and I finished my shower. 
A little while after my shower Peter started getting sad that Guinea Pig did not get to take a shower with me.  This time he was sad and not all out screaming mad.  Well Daddy heard Peter's cries and saved the day.

About a month ago Jeff had a procedure and they used a nasal cannula.  When they were done he saw them about to throw it away and all of the oxygen tubing.  He asked if he could take it home instead.  He figured he would find some sort of project he could use it on.  At the time, I doubt he ever thought he would be using it for a custom made Guinea Pig shower.

This is the second model.  The first model had an open cup as the source of water which got spilled all over my bathroom.  This 2 liter model is much better.  You can just squeeze it and it starts the flow of water. 
Here it is, water flowing, ready for Guinea Pig. 
It even has a nice shower curtain to keep the water from getting out of the tub.  Ha! Sure.
And ta-da, there you have a Guinea Pig shower.

To say this made Peter very happy is an understatement.  He was thrilled and Guinea Pig is now super wet clean. 

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