Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

I wanted to take the time to write down the details of our day.  Mostly, so I could remember for next year.  There were some things that were super fun, and I want to do them again.

But first I wanted to say, did you have any idea how many decisions there are to make in regards to Christmas?  I had no clue when I was a child and just happily went along.

The first big question is of course in regards to Santa, do we or don't we?  We chose to go with the Santa tradition but also really try to emphasize Jesus, of course.  But really, how many years can they enjoy the whole Santa thing before they figure it out anyways.  If Santa is part of your day, then does he give all the presents or just some of the presents?  Does Santa wrap his gifts or not wrap his gifts?  Do you put out treats for Santa and the reindeer or not?  If your child sits on Santa's lap and asks for something, do you do all you can to get that thing or stick with what you already got them and hope they don't notice?  Lots of questions.

This year went well, I think.  We picked out 2 gifts that were from Santa, as well as the stocking stuffers.  The rest were from us. 

One of the stocking stuffers that Santa brought us was a root beer in a glass bottle.  We all got to drink our root beer with breakfast.  It was so fun and different to be able to have such a fun and silly treat at breakfast and there were lots of smiles all around.  I would love to do this every year!

Most of the time I was just taking it all in and I didn't get out my camera until later.
We had a nice mellow morning, taking our time and enjoying each other.  The boys each got some new Lego sets they had to put together.  Peter put his together all by himself, reading the directions and very carefully got things just right.  I was very impressed.  Jeff helped by pulling out the pieces he needed and turning the page on the directions.  But Peter did the rest.
 Lachlan and I had built part of his earlier in the morning, but he still had his 3 in 1 train to build.  This was a cool set, it had directions for 3 different vehicles with the same pieces.  He has taken it apart and re built it each of the different ways several times.
 The balloon helicopter above was part of a classic toy thing I got at a local store here in town.  But we couldn't get it to work at all. 

 I asked Peter if I could take a picture.  He said I could take a picture of the tractor but not him. 
We started getting ready to leave and head out to Grandma and Grandpa's in McMinnville, about 40 minutes away.  We finally got ready just after noon and hit the road.
 We packed one toy for each kid from the presents they opened at home.  Just so they would have something in the car and at Grandma and Grandpa's until they opened up new presents.

 Lachlan packed Toothless, his new stuffy.  He is a big fan of this guy.  I wasn't sure if he would be.  But he asked for a Toothless stuffy. 

 Oh, waiting is so hard.

 I bought this Christmas sweater for Lachlan when he was a baby.  Peter wore it and now Adam as well. 
We cleared the coffee table for this little guy and we thought we had all the tiny toys put away.  But he found these miniature cars and thought they were tasty.  Don't worry, I took them away after I took this picture.
 So then he started chewing on the table. 
 I packed our Jesus Storybook Bible and we read the last story of the 3 that are about Jesus' birth. 
 Now, finally, present time.
 It was a fun day, and then . . . everyone got tired.  So we went home before they exploded.  :)

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