Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo Night for the Church Directory - Oh my!

Last night was one of those parenting fails that will go down in history.  At least in my mind.  We went to church for a family photos for the church directory.  All day I was worrying about getting the boys there clean.

Finally we arrive and all seems to be going well.  Peter, who has not napped, seems to be in a joyful mood.  "Maybe he will actually smile for the pictures" I think.  I also joked as we waited, "now let's just hope we can get out of their with out Peter destroying the photography equipment."

Ha, jokes on me.  While we were taking our pictures our photographer had a squeaky frog he was using.  He paused to grab a prop for us to use and left the squeaky frog and his camera on the top step of the step ladder.  Peter ran, I mean ran for the frog.  I didn't realize what he was doing until he was halfway up the ladder.  I yelled for him to stop so he quickly got down, with frog in hand.  Phew, he made it down with out knocking down the camera, but as he takes off back towards me his foot catches the foot of the ladder and down tumbles the very expensive camera.  The only thing that softens the fall of the camera is Peter's back.  He makes a face, in a bit of pain.  I don't know which emotion to feel.  Peter hurries over to me and I hug him, ask if he is okay while I wait for our photographer to check the camera.  The camera is not broken!  Yay. 

Now it's time to look at the photos.  The boys are playing in the open sanctuary/gym Adam with me.  Soon Adam is not content so Jeff takes all 3 while I make the photo decisions.  Finally done I join him in the lobby.  Peter was "drinking" from the water fountain and managed to get the whole front of his shirt and pants wet.  He even got it on the floor and went to the bathroom to get paper towel to clean it up. 

At one point Peter decided to head back into the sanctuary area where they were taking photos.  He was charging through the double doors as Jeff, still holding Adam, grabbed his hand and told him he couldn't go in there.  Jeff was pulling him back as the double doors started closely and as each door closed Peter got a whack in the back of the head.  Poor Jeff, I was distracted by a beautiful dog in the lobby and I wasn't much help. 

I wish I could press a do over button and try that one again.  I am thankful that we were with our church family who will hopefully be forgiving. 

I just keep replaying the night over and over again in my head and think of my Mr. Peter.  If you have been friends with me long you are probably aware of Peter and his talents.  Mostly his talent to destroy things.  But it's not out of maliciousness it's out of pure curiosity and joy that he destroys.  Sometimes its due to plain old disobedience, but last night it was mostly out of joy.  He was just really excited about that frog.  I am sure when he was trying to dart back inside the sanctuary, if we had stopped to find out why he was going in there, it was because of some fun to be had.  

I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea of my precious Peter.  He does challenge us.  But he brings us so much joy, and I can't wait to see what he does with his life, it's certainly going to be great if he takes on the world with as much vigor as he does now.  

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