Friday, April 3, 2015

Bible Study Legos

We have started hosting a small Bible Study group in our home on Wednesday nights.  Last night was the second night and our routine improved a bit from the first night we had it here.

After dinner together the two older boys went to the front bedroom to play.  They decided to get out their Legos and create.  They happily and patiently played the whole time.

Here are their creations.
 First Lachlan came out to show us this one.  It is a bank robbers truck. 

 Peter made these robots.  He named them after the Transformers from the Rescue Bots show.  
Bumble bee and Heatwave are the two I remember now.
 Peter also made this boat.

This one is a favorite.  It is a machine that makes Easter eggs and "cash" as he rubs his thumb to his fingers like the international sign for cash.  Who knows where he picked that up. 

I love documenting their Lego creations.  It's fun to see their growth. It also makes it a little less sad when they take them apart to make something new. 

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