Tuesday, April 14, 2015

God Asks Us to Love Our Neighbors - The Good Samaritan

We reviewed this Bible story with Experience God a few months ago.  But it has made a big impact on my oldest son.  I shared a story on Mom with a Dandelion in Her Hair's Facebook page. 

This is what I posted.
I have to brag a little bit about my biggest little man Lachlan. A month or so ago, Lachlan was outside riding his scooter and trying to race some big boys. All of a sudden he crashed and went falling to the ground hurt. The big boys he was racing just kept going. He recounted the story to me with tears of hurt in his eyes. I was so heart broken for him but at the same time a little proud that he knew, what they did, was not the right thing to do.
Yesterday, Lachlan found himself in a similar situation, where he was out front playing with neighbor children. One of the neighbor boys fell and hurt himself. Lachlan rushed over to check on him and ask him if he was okay.
My husband was out front with him on both occasions and yesterday, when they came in, Lachlan did not share the story with me but Jeff did. I said to Lachlan, "you were like the good Samaritan." "Yep", he says "that's what I was doing."
The Good Samaritan was one of our Experience God lessons from a few months back and the story has really seemed to stick with him.
Lachlan is brave, hard working, inquisitive and compassionate. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.
At least one Mom on the Facebook page felt like this could be a valuable lesson for her child.  So I took some pictures of the materials from this lesson to share with her and you too. 

When we covered this story I actually didn't do that many of the lessons.  But I did read the story cards many times through out the month.  The boys were fascinated with the story and all it's details. 
Here is the first card.  With a picture of the neighbor walking to Jericho.  Then it tells of the robbers who hurt him.

 Card 2 shows the neighbor in bad shape.  The priest and another man walked by with out helping.
 Then of course the Good Samaritan comes into the story.
The Samaritan puts the neighbor on his donkey and paid for a room for him to rest. 
Who do you think was the neighbor to the man who was hurt by the robbers?  Is the question asked at the end of this story. 
 This is the verse that can be used as a memory verse. 
 This is the lesson plan book that goes along with this topic. 
Above is week one lesson one.  On each page there is an Ask section and an Explain section.  Even if you don't have this particular curriculum and the supplies that go with it, you could still have a great discussion with your kids using these two sections.  For example, on this page it asks: What do you do to help your family or friends?

It explains, This story is about a man who is alone and in pain.  Some people hurt him.  Other people saw him but did not want to help him.  Only one person decided to show God's love and help. 
This seems to be the lesson we left off at.  I always mark my books with this little post it tags.  Otherwise, if I just use a piece of paper, it always seems to get pulled out by little hands.
Ask: What does a neighbor look like?  This of course is an important part of the story to understand. 
 I love the questions these lessons address. 
 Ask: How many times do you think you need to help someone? 
 These are the four crafts we made to go along with these lessons. 
Oh I almost forgot, I did find one of the boys' coloring sheets from this theme.
When you do purchase a kit, you tell them how many kids you need it for and they send you a bag per child.  Each bag has all the craft supplies they will need for all 4 crafts and a coloring page for each week.

I looked this topic up on Mother Goose Time and I am sad to say, I think it is sold out.  I believe I saw the activity bags available but not the story cards or lesson book.  But Experience God is an amazing Christian program and I have not had a bad month.  Of course with all faith based lessons some seem to be the right fit for what you and your family need to hear and learn at the time. So I encourage you to take a look at the topics that are available.  I am sure there will be one that is just what you need.  

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