Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Mother Goose Time Calendar

The Mother Goose Time calendar is perfectly simple in it's design.  It can be used in various ways and can be used for any month because it is blank with no header.  You just post the name of which ever month you are using it for over the top.  Recently I have seen some of the other bloggers do some pretty cool things.

Brenda, at Sweet Smiles Preschool, writes the numbers on the blank squares so the kids can match the numbers when they put them up.

Rebeka at Primarily a Mama, when she set up her Circle Time display, posted all of the months together.  I believe she is planning to put a star by or mark the current month in some way.  But this way the kids can see the whole year, with the months in order.  She even posted tags to mark the seasons.

I have been wanting to figure out a way for my boys to better understand the months and I will be setting up a version of this at some point.

I also really wanted my boys to better understand what yesterday, today and tomorrow meant.  So I created these little labels out of the sticky part of a post it note.
I did them all a different color since my boys are just beginning to read.  At least this way I can say today is green, yesterday is blue and tomorrow is white.
More than anything, it has been a great reminder for me to talk about what is today.  If today is Wednesday, what is tomorrow?  We often have to sing the Mother Goose Time days of the week song to figure it out.  But we get there.

Of course this sticky note system could be used on any calendar to practice these terms.  I imagine we will only use them for a short time while we are focusing on it and then take them down.

It is part of my job as Blog Coordinator to read all the Blog Ambassadors blogs.  But I have to say, it has helped me out as a teacher in so many ways.  There are some very experienced educators and creative minds posting their ideas.  When ever I discover a new idea from them it gives me a fresh outlook on the day and it's good to be rejuvenated now and then.  I highly recommend taking a peak at their blogs whenever you get a chance.  I do my best to keep the list of bloggers up to date on this post if you want to spend some time reading. 


  1. Thank you for this post. It has helped me come up with some new ideas to use in preschool these coming months. I really need to get that crayon off my walls.

  2. We love talking about the patterns that the days make as the days get put on. It is also a good time for my younger daughter to practice her motor skills and she rips the tape off, folds it, puts in on the back of the day and sticks it to the calendar. I love the idea of making it a matching game by putting the numbers right on the calendar as well. I will absolutely be using this for May!