Monday, June 29, 2015

Mix and Match Picture Story

I have pictures from a variety of days with this months theme, Alphabet House.
While learning about Houses and Homes with Alphabet House we had a day where we learned all about castles.  The two older boys made crowns with jewels and I had Lachlan make one with out the jewels (aka choke hazards) for Adam.
I also found a documentary about a castle on Netflix and had that running.  It had more information than the boys could take in.  I have to say, I got sucked in.  But there were a few things they took note of and asked me about.

I can't say I would have every put castles into the category of  "places people live".  I am so glad Mother Goose Time thought of such a fun idea.

On Day 8 we were in Week 2 learning all about Rooms in the house and Kitchen was the room of the day.  Alphabet Soup was the recommended book.  This is a great little book where the boy goes on a big adventure by spelling different words using his alphabet soup. 
Mother Goose Time had us set up a bowl of dried pasta combined with the letters cards they provided for us.  There were two cards for each letter, one uppercase and one lowercase.  Each having a picture on the back showing an item that started with that letter.
The boys took turns stirring the soup and grabbing a letter.  Once the letter was chosen we would sing the song you can see in bold in the picture above. 
Here Lachlan got a P and was making the /p/p/p/ sound as part of the song.

I had this bowl of pasta and letters out for quite a while.  It was intriguing to many of the children.  When my friends children came for the day I taught them the song.

Grant is the one singing, he is 4 almost 5.  But Cody, the little guy closest to me was also singing the song with me earlier, I just couldn't get it on video.  Cody is 2 and getting closer to 3.

This was really a great letter review game.  We played with it over and over again.  When my older boys were done with it I put it in a tray on the counter with another plastic bowl and a variety of scooping tools for my youngest Adam (16 months old).  We have a learning tower in our kitchen and he was able to stand there and scoop happily forever.

Here is what the learning tower looks like.  If you click on the image it will take you to Amazon (affiliate link).  If you have the space in your kitchen, this has been the best investment ever!  We actually got ours used for $75.  So it wouldn't hurt to check your local kids resale stores or Craigslist.

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