Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Adam's First Haircut

We have three boys, so that's a lot of haircuts.  To save money I have learned how to cut their hair, Jeff's hair too.  But I always like to get the first haircut done by someone else.  They are much better at cutting a moving target than I am.  It's also nice to get a few pictures.  Peter got his first haircut at this salon too.  It's called Little Angel's Kids Salon in Salem Oregon. 

Here is the before picture as we played in the play room of the salon.
 You can see it was starting to get into his eyes.
 The only way he would sit down in one of their cool chairs was if big brother was with him. 
But he didn't stay for long.  Soon Mom had to hold him.  With a little help from the sucker, he stopped pulling away from the hairdresser. 

Still enjoying his treat.  Handsome boy.

He was so cute I couldn't put down my camera.
The boys were kick fighting (no, I don't get it, but they like it).  They would stop and double over and laugh.  Soon Adam was doing the same thing.  It was so cute to watch him join in with the boys.  He wants to do what they do so badly.
 And then he climbed into the pool and sat down in his clean and dry pajamas.
 Sitting down on the deck watching brothers.  Then he started laughing and hollering at his brothers.
 He is just so adorable.
 So handsome.  Sitting there like a big boy.
Here you can see how bad he wants to be in the middle of it all.  Charges right into the middle of the kick fighting.  Don't worry the big boys are pretty good at avoiding brother and they took a break from the kicking after Adam charged in. 

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