Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vondi Bear

Vondi was my husbands best friend when he was a boy.  He even had a special place at the table.  None of our boys have taken much notice of him except to play with him now and then.  But Adam discovered him today.  Which is great because Jeff (my husband) was a little blonde haired tyke like Adam is.  So these pictures will probably bring back some memories for his Mom and Dad and Sisters.

 I thought the 70s chair would really bring this picture back in time. 
  Adam "loving" Vondi.
 Dragging Vondi around by one arm.
Some more love to his new friend.

So darn cute.  I had to capture these for my husband and his family to see.

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  1. Yes, he is quite the special bear. He was drug around many times by the arm. He has the stitches and added stuffing to prove it. -Jeffrey S.