Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Everyday, Every Subject, Every Age Group - How We Use Mother Goose Time

I've been pretty bad about getting a series of photos to show you how a full day of fun with Mother Goose Time.  The pictures I will be sharing here span about a week of fun and some aren't even from this week of curriculum but from months past.  I hope this gives you just a peak at how Mother Goose Time is worked into everyday, every subject and every age group.

A few weeks ago Mother Goose Time's Facebook page had a fine motor Friday.  They shared this activity.
I knew I had both the items needed.  So I got them out for my little guy Adam (19 months).  This was his response.  Cheese. 
On one of our school days I went through the My Student Logbook I have set up for each of my boys and noticed we were a little low for the week on handwriting practice.  So I dug through my drawers to find something.  I found our Apartment Alphabet that came in our month called "Alphabet House".  I saved 2 sets to use again someday.  This is a fun "game" where you draw a card, find out which letter lives in that apartment on the apartment sheet and then write that letter on the practice writing sheet.
Peter's grip and writing are spot on.  He has been joining us for Mother Goose Time since he was 18 months old.
So much concentration.
Lachlan was having a tough week and especially a tough day.  He didn't want to do school, he never wanted to do school again.  Not an exact quote but pretty close.  Lachlan is a wonderful little man but can be quick to anger and quick to physically lash out.  When we originally got our guinea pig Toothless (he has teeth, just named after the dragon) I kept on thinking he could be a good way to calm Lachlan when he is upset.  Then one day I randomly saw a video about how to turn a box and an old t-shirt into a cat hideaway.  I realized if I used a smaller box and a smaller t-shirt I could probably make a good guinea pig hideaway.  To help get Lachlan through this tough emotional patch I asked him if he would do some writing if Toothless could join us.  He was intrigued to say the least.

It worked!  Toothless loved his little hideaway and had no intentions of coming out.  I stayed close, just in case.  Of course I wouldn't want him to try and jump off the table.  Lachlan wrote and giggled and reached out to casually pet Toothless and then went back to writing. 
He was very pleased with his little friend joining us for school time.  I was pleased that I kept this writing activity and I know we will be using it again and again. 
 So there you go, Mother Goose Time with a guinea pig!

One of our days was filled with learning about lemons!  My husband and I have been drinking a lot of infused water using lemon.  So I was happy to find one left in the fridge (I am quite the poor planner otherwise).  We got it out and examined it.  Then sliced it up.  Everyone wanted to try some!
Taking a bite, ooh sour, here Mom I don't think I like this.
This poor kid doesn't listen to Mommy, he has to learn things on his own. Quite the independent little soul.

We got out our pattern blocks next.  MGT provided for us this pattern block dice.  They rolled the die then "harvested" that fruit off the tree and put it in their basket.   After a bunch of "fruit" was harvested they made a design with their collection.
 Next it was Peter's turn.  Here he is tossing the die.  He didn't have the patience to keep going for too long. 
 He didn't end up collecting many pieces.  But he was till able to make a design.
 "A satellite!"
Oh my, that face.
While I was working with Lachlan on his Saxon Math, Peter was doing his MGT math.  I pointed to the pattern on our calendar which is the pattern we are learning this month.  He said, that's an ABB pattern.  Yes it is buddy.  I asked him to make an ABB pattern with the fruit and he wasn't quite sure what I meant.  So I walked him through the first few beads. 
 At that point he said he got it and wanted to work on it on his own with out me seeing so he could surprise me. 
 He was very pleased with himself and keeping it hidden.
 Ta-da!  He lifted the finished strand of fruit to show me and made sure I took a picture. 
Here is the last little glimpse into how Mother Goose Time makes an appearance in our school.  You can see Lachlan (6) working on his Saxon Math worksheet but in the background is Adam (19 months).  He always wants to be doing what brothers are doing so he stays at the table quite a while when we are doing school work.  We had the play-doh out earlier making "lemons" and Adam made it clear he would like to play with it.  So I put it on a tray and gave him the colorful stick manipulatives from a few months back.  He has done this MGT activity quite a few times, but it has been a while.  It made the activity exciting and new but at the same time familiar.  He had a blast and my floor was a mess.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.
When you invest in Mother Goose Time you aren't just getting the amazing curriculum for the here and now, but you are accumulating tools, resources and manipulatives for your classroom that you can use again and again.  For everyday, every subject and every age group.

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