Friday, February 12, 2016

Peter's Last Day as a 4 Year Old.

I told Peter, I have to take your picture today.  Why?  he asked.  Because it's your very last day being a 4 year old.  "Oh yeah."

I stood him out by our old fence, which makes a perfect backdrop, and told him to smile.  I got one or two basic smiles and then he broke out into some killer poses.  I really don't think I can leave any out.  Sorry in advance!

 Lachlan wasn't a bit fan of Peter getting his pictures taken by himself.  So he jumped in.

 They were really flying on those swings.
 They wanted me to take pictures of their bum.

 Happy almost birthday Peter!  I can't believe you are 5 tomorrow!

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  1. These are adorable. And I am super glad that I am not the only one that sometimes can't figure out which pictures to share :)