Monday, February 13, 2017

Manipulatives from Mother Goose Time - Giveaway!!!

Hello friends.  One of my no doubt, favorite things to open each month from Mother Goose Time, are their manipulatives.  Each month we get two bags of manipulatives, typically, one that has to do with the shape of the month and one that has to do with the theme.  Many of these manipulatives have been custom made for Mother Goose Time and cannot be purchased anywhere else.  I have been receiving two bags of manipulatives every month for years so I have tons of them, but I just can't give them away.  Here is the good news, Mother Goose Time is going to give some away!!!!
My collection from a few months ago.  You can quickly and easily stock a classroom or your homsechool room, with just a few months of Mother Goose Time manipulatives.

In fact, each of the Blog Ambassadors from Mother Goose Time get to give away two bags.  At the bottom of this post you will find links to their giveaways too.  Your chances will get better and better the more you enter.

Why do you need manipulatives you may ask?  I have to show you in pictures because that's just what I do.

The most basic thing you can do with them is to count them.  My older child actually counted these cubes using his 100 chart.

 We put the right amount of fire trucks in each fire station.
 We put five pigs on five hexagons.
 We put 5 boats on the lake.
You can learn how to sort by color.  These blue animals are the first to get a drink at the watering hole.
But my favorite part about the variety of manipulatives we have received is that it unleashes their imagination.  The different animals we have received are one of the most popular toys we have in our home.
Eventually all the animals lined up in a single file line.
 These animals went on a train ride.
 They can also be used for making patterns which is an important early math skill.
Some of the manipulatives helped you teach new vocabulary like thick and thin as well as colors.

It looked like a yummy sandwich and he pretended to take a bite.

 Many of the manipulatives help you spend some time in Science and Engineering.

These bee beads pollinated different colored flowers.
We sorted, counted and then . . .
 froze our boats.
 We checked to see if they would float or sink.
 They sunk.
 We measured liquids in our beakers.
 These rings were great for colors and shapes but also for linking together.
 These blocks locked together in various ways and were great for color sorting and pouring.
 Nuts and bolts for some great fine motor and engineering skills.
 These were actually "ice cream" cones he was offering me one to enjoy.
 They have lead to countless hours of fine motor building for my little goose.
Putting sticks in play-doh.
 My little guy always got to feel like he was part of the school day with activities like this.  He got to open and close the wipes container and put sticks in and pull sticks out.
 We even built pyramids.
 And rocket ships.
We learned and practice what in and out or inside and outside meant.  He painted inside the blue circle.

He put the yellow bear on his hat.

We have used these manipulatives with the Mother Goose Time curriculum doing math with the math story cards.
And we have used them in more advanced math.  Here we separated the columns of 10 blocks into two groups and found all the different ways we could add two numbers to find 10.
The possibilities are endless!!!

It will be a bit of a surprise which two bags of manipulatives you will receive if you win this giveaway, but I promise, you will not be disappointed.

The giveaway starts today, Monday February 13th, and the winner will be chosen on Monday February 20th.  Good luck!

Manipulatives from Mother Goose Time

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  1. I looove how you demonstrate your manipulatives! Such beautiful detail.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. I love using manipulatives to teach my autistic son about number, color, and pretend play
    Thank You for the chance!
    Fiona N

  4. What a great review - looks like the little ones are just loving their manipulatives!