Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shape Stamps - Collecting Learning Tools All Year Long with Mother Goose Time

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Every month with Mother Goose Time we receive new and amazing learning tools.  When you add all of them up for the year you have one complete set.  We get alphabet cards, I Can Read books, puzzles, color wands, number counting sheets, alphabet cookie cutters and this year we got shape stamps.
This is why I recommend to my friends who are interested in using Mother Goose Time to buy a full year in a row.  If I wasn't so blessed to receive MGT for free in exchange for blogging, this is what I would do.  I would find a way, somehow, to buy one full year of MGT when my child was three.  I would use MGT 2 days a week when the child was three and 3 days a week when the child turns four.  This would allow you to use the 1 year of MGT for 2 full years of preschool at home.  The other thing to think about is that it's only about another $5 approximately to add material for another child.  So you could buy materials for 2 or 3 children during this one year and file it away to use it for another 2 years of school for your second child.  But if you can afford to just keep ordering new boxes, you won't be disappointed, they are always adding more and improving upon themselves.  

On this day, Adam wanted to use our complete set of shape stamps.  At the beginning of the year when we got our first stamp, Adam tried to stamp by placing the wood side on the ink and then on the paper.  Here we are at the end of the year and he knows exactly how to use them, what a difference a year makes.  I still cover the wood portion with packing tape so that if ink gets on them they don't get ruined.
We use a lot of scrap paper around here.  I gave Adam the blank backside and he flipped it over to stamp on the words. He had no rhyme or reason for where he stamped or what he stamped as far as I could tell.  But as he worked we talked about each shape he was using.
He celebrated with each successful stamp.

These are tools we will come back to over and over again and not just for stamping.  We have used the shape stamps for stacking and we have hauled them around in our trucks, all while talking about shapes.

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  1. It happens often with me that I also tend to hear the various noises during the rainy season. Well the child is looking really confident and looks pretty much happy about learning new things.