Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mother Goose Time - at the counter, at the table, preschool co-op, Grandma's house and outside!

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We have been having a lot of fun learning about "My Amazing Body" with Mother Goose Time.  When we learned about heads we made paper bag puppets.  Adam wanted to stand on his chair while he worked and I was afraid he would fall off so I moved him to the learning tower at the counter.  He was able to stand and move and wiggle with out a worry of falling off.
He built himself a nice little puppet with brown hair and a yellow shirt, oh and four eyes!
Later we got out our tanagrams and built people using the shape design mat this time moving back to the table.
But not only have we been learning with Mother Goose Time at home, we have also been learning with Mother Goose Time at our brand new preschool co-op.  One of our fellow bloggers is teaching the preschool class and she made an amazing interactive Circle Time board.  It's magnetic and the metal is screwed to heavy wood boards that can be laid on the ground and walked on.  We all sit around the board as we stick the magnets on and then sing the songs.
Here is a little guy walking right across the board as he chooses the weather for the day.
Next Stephanie has us move onto stations.  At the first station we investigate, since we were learning about islands, we floated our alphabet islands in a little bin of water and tried to see what we could balance on them.
When it was just one square it was really hard.
If we got it just right we could make them balance.
But then I helped Adam connect all four alphabet squares.  We could balance everything on their at once!
It was so much fun to do Mother Goose Time in a room full of other preschoolers.  I was asked to teach the class initially but I knew Adam most likely, wouldn't let me.  I was right.  He wouldn't let me leave his side.  Maybe after a few weeks he will.  For us though, this is the best case scenario.  I can help Stephanie as an assistant, stay with Adam and give him the opportunity to learn with his peers!
Adam also made a pirate patch and posed with his brothers.  They are taking a conversational Spanish class.  We are only there for an hour every Wednesday, but everyone LOVES it!
Did I mention that it's really hard work to do preschool for an hour?
Another new thing for us this year is the morning program at my boy's homeschool charter school.  They are going from 9 to noon on Tuesday and Thursdays.  The school is in the next town over but it's only 6 blocks from my parents house.  So we go there while we wait for brothers.  Since Mother Goose Time is so easy to pack, I throw it in a bag and we are ready to go.  So we got to do Mother Goose Time at Grandma's.  He worked on his pocket and checked on Grandpa who was chatting on the phone.
I put a little tape on the end of the string to make it easier for Adam to thread.  He went up and down through the holes in perfect order.
And Grandpa is still on the phone.  Grandpa was talking to Uncle Dale and teased that Adam was doing school to learn more, "as if Adam needs to learn more" he said.  They sure do get a kick out of his vocabulary.
After he completed the pocket I wrote his name in pencil and he traced it with a crayon.
Now here we are at a new location!  Lachlan insisted that we move outside for school on this day.  The big boys were doing their math so I brought out Adam's math which was the pocket cube and tanagrams.  But he wouldn't have it.  He wanted a paper and pencil because that's what brothers were doing.  So I got out his My Little Journal and turned it to the number one page and the number two page.  He traced a bunch of number ones and then did the twos perfectly.
After that we moved onto these awesome and new hidden pictures.  These things are so cool and captivating for all kids.  So much so it was hard for the big boys to focus.  There were hidden pictures with letters in them, so they had to find the skirt on a girls dress with the capital letter H hidden in it. Or the shirt with the capital letter A hidden in it.  
He had a great time working through every single one.  We got to talk about all the letters and shapes hidden in the pictures and it really reinforced his knowledge and helped us introduce some new concepts too.
These are my new favorite learning tool from Mother Goose Time.  For now anyhow, I am sure I will have a new one tomorrow, they are all just so good!

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