Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Gage

As I was scrolling through the pictures for my last post I realized that Gage's photos tell a funny story.
"Okay Gage, it's your turn."  He runs over to the box and strikes a pose.
 "Now have a seat on the box Gage."  As everyone begins to try to get him to smile.  This is what we got.
 But then his precious little grin came out in full force. His neck was all hunched down though so I said "Gage, stretch out your neck like a giraffe."
 Gage's neck stretching.
 But when he brought his head back around we got this, almost angelic, one. 
What a fun little guy.
I did find that having this simple little box for them to sit on not only protected their little hiney's from getting wet from sitting in the grass but it also put them right where I wanted them for the pictures.  Pretty happy with this new prop idea.

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