Monday, February 10, 2014

Children's Handkerchief

My husband's relatives all live over in Australia.  His lovely Aunt Adele always thinks of us on special occasions and sends some awesome little treasures.  It's always fun to see what she finds.  One of my favorite is a cute little ceramic scoop she got us that resides in our sugar to use for coffee and tea.

However, for Lachlan's birthday she sent a birthday card and you could tell it was stuffed with something.  When Lachlan opened it, inside were two adorable children's handkerchiefs.
I have never seen anything like this here in the states.  Just the plain white Grandpa ones.  Lachlan's nose happened to be running a bit and we have been working with him on the proper way to pick boogers.  So I immediately tucked one into his pocket and told him if he needed to pick a booger, to grab the hankie and use it for picking.

Sorry, I suppose some might find this topic gross.  But seriously, boogers are a fact of life.  You have to get to them somehow, might as well just teach them how to do it the sanitary way. 

A week later, it started to snow.  I mean lots of snow.  We got an accumulation of about 10 inches which is unheard of here in Oregon.  Well you know what happens when you are playing outside in the cold, your nose runs.  So I tucked one of these in my pocket and had it handy to catch noses.

I am sure this is not as sanitary as the throw away kind of kleenex, but the fact that it can stay in their pocket, ready to go, is very helpful. 

Immediately I started thinking about where I might be able to get some more.  Amazon was my first guess.  They have a lot of pretty floral ones for girls.  But these were the only ones I could find so far for boys.
The benefit of having a fun pattern is that they might be more likely to hold onto it.  But I bet you could buy some of the grandpa ones, all white, and get some fabric paint (as long as it's soft) to paint their names on or silly patterns.

I also imagine, you could make these pretty easy, the trick would be finding the right kind of fabric.  Since I am fabric illiterate, that's not the job for me.  

The next place I thought of looking was Etsy.  They have tons of vintage children's handkerchiefs.  So this apparently is not a new thing, just like cloth diapers, maybe the trend will come back around.  But I did find these super cute Monster Swipers made by Frank & Me right here in my home state, Bend Oregon.  Super cute idea, I might have to place an order or 2.
(Neither of the above links work anymore, I tried to find Frank & Me on Etsy and had no luck, maybe she closed down her business? Or maybe it's just taking off in other areas.  I did find her on Facebook, link here.)

Monster Swipers - Set of 4 - Create Your Own Set

The photo of the math hankies is an affiliate link from Amazon.  If you follow it and make a purchase, I get a percentage of the sale.  How much?  I couldn't tell you.  Never have made a penny, but it's worth a shot.  


  1. I have a giant box of hankerchiefs and Tuesday has a whole bunch too. I just use an empty Kleenex box, have her stuff the clean ones in and the dirty ones go in her bin. I can look through my stash for ones for you. Are flowers what you are thinking is "girly"?

  2. Awesome idea, with the empty Kleenex box! Yeah, flowers would be a bit "girly" for the boys. I bet they would still use them. I was thinking even having them help me dye some white ones. I would love to start a collection of these.