Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Such a Weird Blog Name?

I have been thinking for some time now that it would be fun to have a blog.  It would be so neat if I had something of value to share with other moms.  I don't feel like I am an extraordinary Mom in any one way.  I mostly try to keep my head above water.  I don't craft, I don't cook, I don't sew my children's clothes, I don't coupon and so on.  So what do I do? Who am I as a Mom? I am the Mom with a dandelion in my hair as I walk into church on Sunday morning.

The dandelion was a gift from my son.  The value of that dandelion and that moment is immeasurable to me.  

To me the dandelion has always been a symbol of childhood.  We adults call it a weed, but children see it as a beautiful flower, meant to be given to someone they love. 

Before staying at home I worked at a Memory Care community for people living with Alzheimer's and other dementia's.  I have seen true and unwavering love between spouses and between sons and mothers.  I pray that some day my sons will come to see me in my old age and bring me a dandelion for my hair.


  1. Love you! I think you're a fabulous mom and I'm so lucky to be going through mama hood with you. And I love your blog discription too.

    1. Nice job sis! You are a great Mom and are blessed to have the ability to enjoy all the little moments. They are so easy to miss.